Architectural Sales originated in 1962 as a sales division of Lensing Wholesale, Inc. With an experienced, professional, and technically oriented staff, Architectural Sales is focused on the sale of architecturally specified products on commercial projects.


The products handled by three of Lensing Wholesalers eight product departments-the commercial door, frame and hardware department; the glass and steel specialties department; and the overhead door department-are the focus of this sales division. A further description of each of these departments is included within this website.

Lensing Wholesale, Inc., the parent company of Architectural Sales, was founded in 1948 to distribute building materials throughout Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky, primarily through lumber and building material dealers.






Lensing has developed into a multifaceted distribution company, including departments specializing in:
Commercial door, frame and hardware
Residential windows and doors
Glass and steel specialties
Kitchen cabinetry and related products
Commercial and residential overhead doors
Floor covering products
Industrial supplies and equipment
General building products
Lensing sells to a customer base appropriate to the product being distributed. The customer base includes, but is not limited to:
Lumber and building material dealers
Commercial general contractors
Floor covering dealers
Furniture manufacturers
Home building contractors
Remodeling contractors
Industrial and institutional accounts

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